Euroloch bags

Euroloch bag 'Tecnium', LDPE, transparent, 65µ, 32 x 42 + 0 cm

Are you looking for a strong bag that can hang in store shelves? Our euroloch bags are the ideal solution! A dedicated hanging system means these bags can easily be attached to a display. Our euroloch bags can also be printed so they are ideal for providing information and double as a great marketing tool.


Euroloch bags are hung on standard euroloch hanging systems which are used by many stores, including supermarkets, DIY stores and wholesale traders. The bags are perfect for packaging, protecting and presenting a variety of articles such as spare parts, metal products, plastic parts, toys, balloons, etc.

Printed euroloch bags

Choose personalised euroloch bags to present your packaged products in a professional way. Our euroloch bags can be printed according to your wishes with your own logo, private label or design and in one or more Pantone colours or with a striking print in full colour.

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