Blocked tear-off bags

Blocked tear-off bags 'Bebat', LDPE, transparent, 40µ, 17 x 17 + 0 cm + 3,5 cm blocked border

Blocked bags are simple plastic bags without fastening or handles which can be used to package loose articles. These bags are bundled on a block and can be easily pulled off the block by the tear-off perforation. Blocked bags have an opening on one side which can be heat-sealed, stapled or sealed with tape or a clip after filling.


Blocked bags are multifunctional and can be used for a wide range of products and applications. They are often used to package, protect and bundle a variety of small articles such as spare parts, metal products, plastic parts, etc. In addition, these bags are also used to package seeds, cereals and other foodstuff.

Printed bags

Do you want your products to be seen? Let us personalise your bags with your own logo, private label or design. Our blocked bags can be printed with a personalised design in one or more Pantone colours or with a striking print in full colour.

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