Mailing film

Mailing film 'Pelerin', bioplastic, transparent, 15µ

Our mailing film is the ideal, eco-friendly packaging for sending out direct mailings and printed matter. The film is semi-transparent and made from bioplastic based on corn starch, a renewable raw material which is 100% compostable. Mailing film has many benefits:

  • The content is protected against the elements, dust, dirt and liquids.
  • The content remains visible and tickles the curiosity of the addressee.
  • Your mailing looks professional and neat.


Mailing films are used to package direct mailings and all kinds of printed matter such as magazines, brochures, periodicals, newspapers, leaflets, etc.


Our mailing film is certified in accordance with the European standard for compostable packaging EN13432. This means it is allowed to carry the OK Compost (HOME) label and/or the Seedling logo. The certification applies for the film as well as the inks.

Please read the information on our ‘Certificates’ page if you want to know more about our certificates.

Printed mailing film

Our mailing film can be printed with your own logo, brand or design. It's manufactured according to your wishes in one or more colours.

  • Flexible reaction
  • Flexible delivery terms
  • 1 contact person for your project
  • Inhouse production