Lidding films

Lidding film 'Cucmbers', LDPE, transparent, 50µ, 37 x 50 cm, finishing: with tear-off strip

Lidding films are designed to cover crates, cases and boxes, and provide protection for your fruit and vegetables both from a hygienic point of view and during transportation. Besides their protective function, they are also an excellent medium to advertise and communicate extra information. Our lidding films can be supplied with quality printing that enhances the appearance of your fruit and vegetables and strengthens your company brand.


Lidding films are used in the fruit and vegetables sector to cover EPS cases (small and large sizes) and many other fruit and vegetable cases in wood or plastics. They are especially popular among apple and pear growers in the fruit sector. In the vegetable industry, lidding films are often used to protect lettuce, chicory, cucumbers, mushrooms, asparagus, string beans, aubergines, cress, tomatoes, spinach, celery, fennel, radishes, carrots, potatoes, etc. Lidding films can also be used to protect fish and meat in crates.

Printed lidding films

Personalise your lidding films with your logo, brand or your own design. In this way you can present your fruit and vegetables attractively and your packaging will give you that competitive edge. Personalised lidding films not only create added value from a publicity point of view, they can also help you trace your products and improve your logistics workflow. Our lidding films can be printed with a personalised design in one or more Pantone colours or with a striking print in full colour.

Our lidding films comply with the current quality requirements (European Regulations EU10/2011, framework 1935/2004, and EU2023/2006).

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Lidding film 'BLANCO - BIG'

Lidding film 'BLANCO - BIG'

  • Material: LDPE, transparent
  • Thickness: 60µ
  • Size: 48 x 70 cm
  • Print: None, unprinted
  • Finishing: 4 corner die cuts, straight corners, without air holes
  • Packaging: 500 pieces / box
  • Price:  
    1 box 90,00 € / box
    2 boxes 80,00 € / box
    5 boxes 54,00 € / box
    10 boxes 43,00 € / box
    20 boxes 37,00 € / box

    Prices excl. 21% VAT