Bio loop handle carrier bags

Loop handle carrier bag 'BIB St Niklaas', bioplastic, white coloured, 60µ, 39 x 42 + 4 cm

Are you looking for an ecological, reusable carrier bag? Our bio carrier bags with loop handles are the perfect choice! They are made from corn starch and are 100% compostable. Their appearance and strength are similar to traditional plastic carrier bags. In other words, bio loop handle carrier bags are not only environment-friendly, they are very strong and can be reused several times.


Loop handle carrier bags in bioplastic are mainly used as reusable shopping bags in supermarkets and local shops that sell biological products. They are also popular with businesses that care about the environment and want to pack their products in an ecological way. The environment-friendly properties combined with maximum reuse make bio loop handle carrier bags the perfect bag. So what happens if you no longer need your bio bag? You can recycle or compost it.


Our bio loop handle carrier bags are certified in accordance with the European standard for compostable packaging EN13432. This means they are allowed to carry the OK Compost label. The certification applies for all aspects of the carrier bag as the inks and additives also meet the stringent requirements of the standard.

Please read the information on our ‘Certificates’ page if you want to know more about our certificates.

Printed bio carrier bags

Personalise your bio carrier bags with your logo or brand, your design or a powerful slogan. This is ideal for creating additional publicity for your store or products, and you can also highlight your environment-friendly focus. Our bio loop handle carrier bags can be printed with a personalised design in one or more Pantone colours or with a striking print in full colour.

Our bio loop handle carrier bags (thickness from 50µ or 60µ) comply with the European guideline for reusable bags.

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