Artwork guidelines

Artwork guidelines

For all printed products it's very important that the artwork to be printed is prepared correctly, and this is also the case for printed carrier bags and packaging. This not only guarantees a perfect printed result but also ensures your order is processed smoothly. Below you will find some guidelines to help you create your digital file.

What is the best software for creating your artwork?

Our graphic design department uses the following software:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Photoshop

You can create your artwork using other software, but we must be able to open the file in one of the above programs.

Software such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel are not suitable because these are word processors and not layout applications.

What file types can we use?

  • AI
  • EPS
  • PDF
  • PSD
  • INDD

To print a logo, text or illustrations, we prefer to receive an EPS file together with a PDF (to check the content). It's important that the file is vectorised. A file that consists of vectors can easily be enlarged without losing quality. AI, EPS or vectorised PDF files are the easiest for us to process.

If your design includes photos or images, the actual image size must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. It is recommended to supply this kind of artwork as a PSD or INDD file and preferably together with a PDF.

To create your artwork, you can always ask for a template. This document specifies the sizes and other technical information such as the position of the handle.

JPG, TIFF, GIF and PNG are not suitable because these files are usually compressed or not vectorised.

What should you keep in mind?

To process your files correctly, we kindly ask you to follow these instructions:

  • Convert text to outlines or include the fonts used.
  • Prepare your files in CMYK (for full colour printing) and/or in PMS colours, and not in RGB.
  • Set 5 mm bleed if the artwork requires bleed.
  • Do not position text and other important information too near to the edge of the carrier bag or the handle. Keep all content within 10 mm from the trim line.
  • Check the layout and text carefully before sending the artwork to us. Multiple corrections waste time and may involve additional costs.

How can you send your artwork to us?

  • Files up to 12 MB can be sent by e-mail.
  • Files larger than 12 MB should be sent via (= a free online service) or via FTP (ask your contact for your login details).

What happens after you have delivered the artwork?

We check all the digital files carefully. If there is a problem with the files, we shall inform you. After receipt of a correct digital file, we will send you a PDF proof for approval by e-mail. For full colour printing and after you approve the digital proof, you will receive a colour proof on paper (cromalin) for approval.

Questions or doubts?

This article only lists the most important guidelines to help you prepare and deliver your file. If you still have questions or you are still in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us (phone +32 11 609 130 or use the contact form).