Lettuce case wraps

Lettuce case wrap 'Cabbage lettuce', HDPE, white/green

A lettuce case wrap is a film which is folded open on the bottom of a lettuce case. When the case is filled, the film is wrapped around the lettuce heads to protect them from dirt and cold. Lettuce case wraps do not only protect the lettuce but are also an excellent medium for providing information. They can be printed with a tracing code or specific product information such as the origin, quality, etc.


Our lettuce case wraps are used to package 12 lettuce heads and are specially designed for large, high EPS cases.

Printed lettuce case wraps

Let us personalise your lettuce case wraps with your logo, brand or your own design. Personalised lettuce case wraps not only create added value from a publicity point of view, they can also help you trace your products and improve your logistics workflow. Our lettuce case wraps can be printed with a personalised design in one or more Pantone colours or with a striking print in full colour.

Our lettuce case wraps comply with the current quality requirements (European Regulations EU10/2011, framework 1935/2004, and EU2023/2006).

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