Paper carrier bags with twisted handles

Paper carrier bag with twisted handles 'FIT', recycled paper, brown, 110 g, 30 x 13 x 36 cm

Are you looking for a trendy, budget-friendly and strong paper bag? A paper carrier bag with twisted handles is the perfect choice. These carrier bags have a more deluxe look and feel than the paper carrier bags with flat handles, but they also have a very good price/quality ratio and can be used in a variety of businesses and for many different applications.


Paper carrier bags with twisted handles are often used as shopping bags when purchasing shoes, clothing, textile, accessories, small household items, stationery, etc. Often they are also used as goodie bags at trade fairs and events, and they are very popular with businesses that want to highlight their environment-friendly image.

Printed paper carrier bags

Personalise your carrier bags with your logo, brand or your own design. It's ideal for creating publicity for your store or products. Our paper carrier bags can be printed with a personalised design in one or more Pantone colours or with a striking print in full colour.

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