Production process

Production process


Our flexible packaging and bags are manufactured in our factory in Houthalen. The entire production process is carried out by our own services. This means we can offer custom-made products and flexible delivery terms as an added advantage.

Our production process consists of different sequential phases in 3 departments: extrusion, printing, and cutting and finishing.


Blaasextrusie: Het blazen van polythyleenkorrels tot folie

The first phase is making the film. Blowing the film or 'extrusion' is a process whereby polyethylene granulate is melted, optionally with pigments, and subsequently blown through a circular mould using compressed air. The enormous balloon this process creates is then cooled, flattened, and cut down the sides to produce a flat film which can be rolled up.


Flexografisch drukprocédé

As soon as the film is ready, it can be printed on. The printing technique we use is called flexography, one of the most widely used printing processes in the packaging industry. Flexography is a rotary relief printing technique that uses flexible printing plates (also referred to as 'clichés' or 'photopolymer plates'). Relief printing means that the image to be printed is elevated on the printing plate.

We have several printing presses for printing high-quality, full-colour images or up to 8 Pantone colours.


Cutting and finishing

The last phase, i.e. cutting and finishing the packaging or carrier bag, can start after printing. During this final stage, the printed film is placed on the required machine, then folded, sealed and cut to create the desired product. We have a variety of machines that can be used to produce a specific kind of product.


Thanks to our many years of experience, our extensive and modern fleet of machines, and our careful follow-up, we can offer you a wide range of packaging solutions and finishing options with quality guaranteed.