How it all started

ALPAGRO Packaging was founded in 1979 by André Vincke and Ilse Thijs as a subsidiary of ALPAGRO Papier & Plastics. The company back then was called ALPAGRO Plastics. They started out as a small firm specialised in the production of plastic bags and in the meantime they have grown into an independent SME with around 30 employees and an extensive range of products.

Expansion of activities

Initially, ALPAGRO Packaging focussed on the production of a variety of plastic bags and carrier bags, mainly for retailers. To meet demand for flexible packaging from the fruit and vegetable industry, straight and conical bags for the individual packaging of fresh vegetables, lettuce wraps and lidding films were added to the product range. In the meantime, ALPAGRO Packaging has built a solid reputation in the fruit and vegetable packing industry.

Ecological solutions

André Vincke, the founder and currently the CEO, attaches great importance to continuity and sustainability, and he began research into a sustainable alternative for the 'traditional plastic bag'. As a result, ALPAGRO Packaging was able to introduce 100% compostable carrier bags into the market as the first Belgian manufacturer in 2006. These carrier bags are made from renewable raw materials and are a solution to the ever-decreasing oil reserves, CO2 pollution, and the growing waste problem.

A family business

As well as making a steady transition from packaging produced from fossil fuel to green renewable raw materials, a new generation keeps the business running. The ALPAGRO Packaging team was reinforced in 2008 when daughter Carole Vincke joined. As business development manager she streamlined the administrative process and introduced improvements in marketing. Her brother Laurenz Vincke also joined the team in 2015. His focus is mainly on product development and organising production and the fleet of machines.

Name change

Since the company no longer only focuses on the production of carrier bags and packaging made of plastic, but is increasingly shifting its focus to sustainable packaging made from renewable and recycled materials, the name ALPAGRO Plastics was changed into ALPAGRO Packaging in 2018.

Innovative packaging solutions

Many products have been optimised in recent years. The rise of e-commerce companies moved the focus to shipping packaging. Thanks to ongoing investments and the modernisation of our equipment, we are able to offer effective packaging solutions that enhance the logistics process, support after-sales, and contribute to a positive customer experience.

With 40 years of experience, ALPAGRO Packaging is without a doubt an established name in the packaging industry!